Research interests

My research interests focus on understanding mechanisms underlying patterns of genetic diversity in natural populations. More specifically, I am interested in studying the impacts of natural selection in the genome. To do so, I use computational approaches and develop new inference tools for genomic data.

The current aim of my PhD thesis is to develop a method to detect and measure polygenic selection in human gene networks, by combining bioinformatics algorithms and population genetics concepts.


Curriculum vitae

2015- PhD thesis in population genomics under supervision of Prof. Laurent Excoffier, CMPG, University of Bern, Switzerland
MSc in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology under supervision of Dr. Pierrick Labbé and Dr. François Rousset, ISEM, University of Montpellier, France
2010-2013 BSc in Population Biology, University of Limoges, France

Journal articles

  • Peischl S, Dupanloup I, Foucal A, Jomphe M, Bruat V, Grenier JC, Gouy A, Gilbert KJ, Gbeha E, Bosshard L, Hip-Ki E, Agbessi M, Hodgkinson A, Vezina H, Awadalla P & Excoffier L (2018) Relaxed Selection During a Recent Human Expansion. Genetics 208: 763-777 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Gouy A & Zieger M (2017) STRAF—A convenient online tool for STR data evaluation in forensic genetics. Forensic Science International: Genetics 30: 148-151 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Gouy A, Daub JT & Excoffier L (2017) Detecting gene subnetworks under selection in biological pathways. Nucleic Acids Research 45(16): e149 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Rousset F, Gouy A, Martinez-Almoyna C & Courtiol A (2016) The summary likelihood method and its implementation in the Infusion package. Molecular Ecology Resources 17(1): 110-119 [Abstract and pdf]