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Population Genetics CMPG Lab


Joana Meier (MSc student)

Joana Meier 

Ms. Sci. student

Institute of Ecology and Evolution
University of Bern
Baltzerstrasse 6
CH-3012 Bern


Phone: +41 31 631 30 38
Fax: +41 31 631 48 88
Email: joana.meier(at)iee.unibe.ch


Research Interests

My main interest is in evolutionary genetics, particularly in the molecular basis of speciation and adaptation.
A great way to learn more about speciation is to study hybrid zones.
The vole species Microtus arvalis is split into several very divergent evolutionary lineages separated from each other by narrow hybrid zones. I am analyzing populations in such a hybrid zone with next generation sequencing in order to better understand the molecular basis of reproductive isolation.

Curriculum Vitae

2010 - 2012 Master of Science (MSc) in Ecology and Evolution, division of Population Genetics, supervision by PD Dr. Gerald Heckel , University of Bern
2007 - 2010 Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology, University of Bern


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