Population Genetics Seminar and Journal Club (Kolloqium in Populationsgenetik) Teaching module: 10854-HS2014-0

Local or invited speakers present their work or reviews of a particular topic in the field of Population Genetics. Journal club sessions are integrated into the seminar, and attending students are required to read the papers in advance before each session. PDFs of the papers are accessible through the ILIAS system.

Note that this seminar series is coupled with the Lecture Series and Journal Club to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology offered by the MSc in Bioinformatics.

  • Time: unless specified otherwise, every Monday, at 11:15
  • Place: seminar room D110, Baltzerstr. 6, first floor
  • Contact: Laurent Excoffier

Below is the list of forthcoming events. We also maintain a list of previous speakers for that seminar.

15.09.14 Introduction to Journal Club and Seminar Series
22.09.14 Dr Stefan Laurent, EPFL
Identifying adaptive regulatory mutations in the absence of phenotypic information
29.09.14 Dr Michael Blum, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
Genome scans for detecting footprints of local adaptation: embracing the post-Fst era
06.10.14 Journal club
Genome Patterns of Selection and Introgression of Haplotypes in Natural Populations of the House Mouse (Mus musculus)
Staubach et al. 2013 Plos Genetics
Presenter:  / Supervisor: 
13.10.14 Dr Richard Neher, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany
Genetic diversity in rapidly adapting populations and predictability of evolution
20.10.14 Dr Susanne Pfeifer, Center for Integrative Bioinformatics, Vienna, Austria
27.10.14 Dr Cedric Simillion, Interfaculty Bioinformatics Unit, University of Bern
01.12.14 Alex Cagan, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany
Nice rats, Nasty rats: Towards the genetic basis of tameness and aggression
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