Diana Ivette Cruz Dávalos

Ms. Sci. student

Research interests

Capture of Y chromosome on ancient samples and evolution of recombination rates across human populations.

Curriculum vitae

2016- MSc in Bioinformatics. Thesis supervised by Dr. Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas. CMPG, University of Bern, Switzerland.
Research internship under the direction of Dr. Ludovic Orlando. Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
2012-2016 Bachelor in Genomic Sciences. National Autonomous University of Mexico, Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Selected publication

Journal articles

  • Cruz-Daválos DI, Llamas B, Gaunitz C, Fages A, Gamba C, Soubrier J, Librado P, Seguin‐Orlando A, Pruvost M, Alfarhan AH, Alquraishi SA, Al-Rasheid KAL, Scheu A, Beneke N, Ludwig A, Cooper A, Willerslev E & Orlando L (2016) Experimental conditions improving in-solution target enrichment for ancient DNA. Molecular Ecology Resources [Abstract and pdf]