Seminar & events

Seminar and journal club in Population genetics and Bioinformatics

Teaching module on KSL: 10854-HS2021-0
Teaching module on ILIAS

Local or invited speakers present their work or reviews of a particular topic in the field of Population Genetics. Journal club sessions are integrated into the seminar, and attending students are required to read the papers in advance before each session.

  • Time: unless specified otherwise, every Monday, at 11:15
  • Place: The CMPG Seminar and journal club series will now be given as zoom-only ((zoom link is available on Ilias web page)
  • Contact: Laurent Excoffier

Below is the list of forthcoming events. We also maintain a list of previous seminars.

22.02.2021  Allocation of presentations
 Dr. Rémi Matthey-Doret, CMPG
Plasticity via feedback reduces the cost of developmental instability.
08.03.2021 JC: Brina Lopez Gfeller. Albers and McVean. (2020) Dating genomic variants and shared ancestry in population-scale sequencing data. Sup: AK
15.03.2021 JC: Tobias Böni Wang et al. (2020) Tracking human population structure through time from whole genome sequences. PLOS Genetics. Sup. LE
22.03.2021 Anton Labutin, CMPG
29.03.2021 JC: Qindong Tang. Erikkson et al (2021) The effect of the recombination rate between adaptive loci on the capacity of a population to expand its range. AmNat. Sup: AM
12.04.2021 Prof. Jeff Jensen, Arizona State University
Dr. Simone Rubinacci
26.04.2021 Dr. Lounès Chikhi
03.05.2021 JC: Flavia Schlichta. Fortes-Lima and Verdu (2021) Complex genetic admixture histories reconstructed with Approximate Bayesian Computation. MolEcolResources. Sup: NM
10.05.2021 JC: Xuejing Wang. Jay et al (2021) Mutation load at mimicry supergene sheds new light on the evolution of inversion polymorhisms. Nature Genetics. Sup: SP
17.05.2021 Qindong Tang, CMPG
31.05.2021 JC: Anton Labutin. Patton et al. (2020) A transmissible cancer shifts from emergence to endemism in Tasmanian Devils. Science (2020). Sup: GH
AM: Antoine Moinet
GH: Gerald Heckel
LE: Laurent Excoffier
NM: Nina Marchi
AK: Adamandia Kapopoulou
SP: Stephan Peischl

The list of papers for the JC can be found on Ilias here