Seminar & events

Seminar and journal club in Population genetics and Bioinformatics

Teaching module on KSL: 10854-HS2021-0
Teaching module on ILIAS

Local or invited speakers present their work or reviews of a particular topic in the field of Population Genetics. Journal club sessions are integrated into the seminar, and attending students are required to read the papers in advance before each session.

  • Time: unless specified otherwise, every Monday, at 11:15
  • Place: The CMPG Seminar and journal club series will now be given as zoom-only ((zoom link is available on Ilias web page)
  • Contact: Laurent Excoffier

Below is the list of forthcoming events. We also maintain a list of previous seminars.

22.02.2021  Allocation of presentations
 Dr. Rémi Matthey-Doret, CMPG
Plasticity via feedback reduces the cost of developmental instability.
08.03.2021 JC: Brina Lopez Gfeller. Albers and McVean. (2020) Dating genomic variants and shared ancestry in population-scale sequencing data. Sup: AK
15.03.2021 JC: Tobias Böni Wang et al. (2020) Tracking human population structure through time from whole genome sequences. PLOS Genetics. Sup. LE
Anton Labutin, CMPG
Species-like behaviour of parapatric European hantaviruses in a single host lineage
29.03.2021 JC: Qindong Tang. Erikkson et al (2021) The effect of the recombination rate between adaptive loci on the capacity of a population to expand its range. AmNat. Sup: AM
12.04.2021 Prof. Jeffrey Jensen, Arizona State University -- Exceptionally the talk is at 16h30

A further consideration of the effects of deleterious mutations on patterns of genetic variabilility

Dr. Simone Rubinacci
Genotype imputation methods for SNP arrays and low coverage sequencing datasets
26.04.2021 Dr. Lounès Chikhi, Evolution & Diversité Biologique, CNRS, Toulouse, France and  Instituto Gulbenkian Ciência, Lisbon, Portugal
Demographic inference under the n-island model and possible applications to humans and lemurs
03.05.2021 JC: Flavia Schlichta. Fortes-Lima and Verdu (2021) Complex genetic admixture histories reconstructed with Approximate Bayesian Computation. MolEcolResources. Sup: NM
10.05.2021 JC: Xuejing Wang. Jay et al (2021) Mutation load at mimicry supergene sheds new light on the evolution of inversion polymorhisms. Nature Genetics. Sup: SP
Qindong Tang, CMPG
Bird radiation under cryptic morphology

Dr. Florent Mazel, University of Lausanne

Specificity of the mammalian gut microbiota

AM: Antoine Moinet
GH: Gerald Heckel
LE: Laurent Excoffier
NM: Nina Marchi
AK: Adamandia Kapopoulou
SP: Stephan Peischl

The list of papers for the JC can be found on Ilias here