Dr. Cindy Gidoin


Research interests

The core objective of my research is to understand the ecological and evolutionary processes influencing the dynamics and genetics of populations in response to rapidly changing environments. During my PhD, I studied such processes in invasive populations which are relevant models to address critical questions in ecology and evolution. More precisely, I combined long-term data with mechanistic-statistical modelling to determine the impact of an invasive seed parasite on the dynamics of a resident competitor in large spatio-temporal scales. I also conducted a theoretical assessment of the impact of this invasive seed parasite on the genetic diversity of its spatially expanding host-plant populations. This last study was in line with theoretical framework and models investigating the evolutionary consequences of range expansions.

Currently, in collaboration with Prof. Laurent Excoffier and Dr. Stephan Peischl, I continue to use these theoretical tools to study the impact of the accumulation of deleterious mutations during expansion process on the adaptive capacity of populations in a spatially changing environment.

Curriculum vitae

2015-2016 PostDoc research fellow. CMPG lab, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern
Ph.D. thesis with Dr. Thomas Boivin and Dr. François Lefèvre, URFM Mediterranean Forest Ecology (INRA-Avignon)
2009-2010  Master in Ecosystem Functioning, University of Montpellier II

Selected publications

Journal articles

  • Gidoin C, Roques L & Boivin T (2016) Linking niche theory to ecological impacts of successful invaders: insights from resource fluctuation-specialist herbivore interactions. Journal of Animal Ecology 84(2): 396-406
  • Boivin T, Gidoin C, von Aderkas P, Safrana J, Candau JN, Chalon A, Sondo M & El Maâtaoui M (2015) Host-Parasite Interactions from the Inside: Plant Reproductive Ontogeny Drives Specialization in Parasitic Insects. Plos One 10(10): e0139634