Dr. Stephan Peischl


Research interests

I have a broad interest in evolutionary biology and population genetics. My main areas of interest are the interaction of ecology and population genetics, the theory of speciation, and adaptation to (spatially and/or temporally) changing environments. Coming from a mathematical background, my work is mainly theoretical: I develop and analyze mathematical models of evolutionary processes. I have been working on a variety of topics including the evolution of genetic architecture under disruptive selection, the evolution of assortative mating in sympatry, the maintenance of polymorphism in migration-selection models, coalescent models with non-standard patterns of recombination, and stochastic models for the establishment of new mutations in temporarily or spatially changing environments.

Currently, together with Laurent Excoffier (University of Bern) and Mark Kirkpatrick (UT Austin), I am working on the consequences of range expansions on the establishment of neutral, beneficial, or deleterious mutations. We also plan to use approximate Bayesian computation to study the evolution of inversions in Drosophila melanogaster.

Curriculum vitae

2015- Research assistant. Interfaculty Bioinformatics Unit, University of Bern
PostDoc research fellow. CMPG lab, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern
PostDoc at the University of Texas at Austin, Section of Integrative Biology, fully supported by a grant to Prof. Mark Kirkpatrick
2010-2010 PostDoc at the University of Vienna, fully supported by a grant to Prof. Reinhard Bürger
2007-2010 University of Vienna, Ph.D. studies in Mathematics at the University of Vienna, supervised by Prof. Reinhard Bürger
2001-2006 Studies of Mathematics at the University of Vienna

Selected publications

Journal articles

  • Peischl S, Koch E, Guerrero R & Kirkpatrick M (2013) A sequential coalescent algorithm for chromosomal inversions. Heredity
  • Kirkpatrick M & Peischl S (2013) Evolutionary rescue by beneficial mutations in environments that change in space and time. Philosophical Transactions B
  • Peischl Stephan & Kirkpatrick Mark (2012) Establishment of new mutations in changing environments. Genetics [Abstract and pdf]
  • Schneider Kristan A & Peischl Stephan (2011) Evolution of Assortative Mating in a Population Expressing Dominance. PLoS ONE
  • Peischl Stephan & Schneider Kristan A (2010) Evolution of dominance under frequency-dependent intraspecific competition in an assortatively mating population. Evolution 64: 561-582
  • Peischl Stephan (2010) Dominance and the maintenance of polymorphism in multiallelic migration-selection models with two demes. Theoretical Population Biology 78: 12-25
  • Peischl Stephan & Buerger Reinhard (2008) Evolution of dominance under frequency-dependent intraspecific competition. Journal of Theoretical Biology 251: 210-226