M. Sc. Adrien Foucal

Research Assistant

Research interests

Trained as a bioinformatician, my interests are in molecular evolution and population genetics. I am really curious in how a mutation can arise in a genome and how the mutation rate can differ between organisms and even adjacent sites. Also, the fate of this mutation, explored in population genetics, is key to understand the rich diversity of life around us. To understand those phenomenons, I use a range of informatic skills, from statistical programming to computational models.

I am currently doing my PhD on a recent range expansion that occured in the French speaking part of Canada. By using existing genealogical databases we will be able to assess the ancestry of an individual and explore the genetic consequences that could occur if this individual's ancestors were on the front of the wave of expansion.

Curriculum vitae

2013-2015 Research Assistant in population genetics with Prof. Laurent Excoffier, CMPG, University of Bern
Bachelor and Master of Science in BioInformatics, Université Paris 7 Diderot, France
2006-2007 Undergraduate studies in Biology, University of Porto, Portugal
Preparatory classes, intensive courses in maths, physics and chemistry, Rennes, France