Seminar & events

Seminar and journal club in Population genetics and Bioinformatics

Teaching module on KSL: 10854-FS2022-0
Seminar schedule on ILIAS with zoom connection link and PDFs

Local or invited speakers present their work or reviews of a particular topic in the field of Population Genetics. Journal club sessions are integrated into the seminar, and attending students are required to read the papers in advance before each session.

  • Time: unless specified otherwise, every Monday, at 11:15
  • Place: Room C159, Baltzerstrasse 4 (zoom link available on Ilias web page)
  • Contact: Laurent Excoffier

Below is the list of forthcoming events. We also maintain a list of previous seminars.

21.02.2022  Allocation of presentations
Journal Club: Antoine Roulin (Marnetto et al. 2022 Current Biology)
Ancestral genomic contributions to complex traits in contemporary European Sup. NM
07.03.2022  Journal Club:  Qin-Dong Tang.  (Novo et al. 2022 PLoS Genetics) 
The estimates of effective population size based on linkage disequilibrium are virtually unaffected by natural selection. Sup. SP

Xuejing Wang. PhD progress presentation.

Demographic history and genomic consequences of 10,000 generations of isolation of Orkney voles

21.03.2022 Journal Club: Anton Labutin. (Monroe et al. 2022 Nature) 
Mutation bias reflects natural selection in Arabidopsis thaliana. Sup. KG.

28.03.2022 Journal Club: Thomas von Graffenried (Campbell-Staton et al. 2022 Science) 
Ivory poaching and the rapid evolution of tusklessness in African elephants. Sup. GH.
04.04.2022  Stefan Struett. Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding, Köln, Germany

Identifying and estimating shifts from outcrossing to selfing

11.04.2022 Dr. Benjamin Peter, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany

A geometric relationship of F2, F3 and F4-statistics with Principal Component Analysis

25.04.2022 Dr. Sandra Oliveira, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, germany

 Human genomic variation across the Holocene in Wallacea

02.05.2022 Prof. Roman Arguello, Department of Ecology & Evolution, University of Lausanne

Evolutionary diversification of the olfactory system in flies


09.05.2022 Dr. Tristan Cumer, Department of Ecology & Evolution, University of Lausanne

Genomic tales: Neutral and adaptive history of the barn owl in the western Palearctic

16.05.2022 Dr. Yannis Michalakis, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Montpellier, France
Living with a scattered genome: multipartite viruses and the genomic integrity cost


Dr. Pavlos Pavlidis, Institute of Computer Science, Heraklion, Crete, Greece (ZOOM seminar only)

Simulations in genetics: Gene Regulatory Networks and spatial processes


Dr. Martin Petr, GLOBE Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (ZOOM seminar only)
A framework for simulating spatio-temporal population genomic data on real geographic landscapes

(emails can be found on our web page)
NM: Nina Marchi
SP: Stephan Peischl
KG: Kimberly Gilbert
GH: Gerald Heckel
The list of papers for the JC can be found on Ilias here