Here you can find the different software produced by people in the lab and by past members:

a much faster continuous-time implementation of simcoal2, based on a sequential Markovian coalescent approximation, allowing it to efficiently generate genetic diversity along large genomic regions under complex evolutionary histories, and this for for both present or ancient samples. New version (2.0) is available.
a software to detect natural selection from population-base genetic data. New version (2.0) is available.
an integrated software package for population genetics data analysis. New version (3.5) is available.
a program to simulate genetic diversity taking into account environmental heterogeneity
a general coalescent program to simulate genomic diversity over large recombining regions in a subdivided population with a complex history
a versatile toolkit to perform Approximate Bayesian Computations (ABC) using various recently published algorithms including MCMC without likelihood, Population Monte Carlo and ABC-GLM
a program that implements an approach to define groups of populations that are geographically homogeneous and maximally differentiated from each other. New version (2.0) is available.
a program to simulate genetic diversity based on a realistic vectorized environment
computing admixture coefficients from molecular data
an extension to the GIS software ArcView 3.x. It computes matrices of effective distances, based on a least-cost path algorithm
to compute a minimum spanning network among a set of OTUs
a program to estimate maximum likelihood allele and two-locus haplotype frequencies
a series of programs to perform mismatch analyses allowing for heterogeneity of mutation rates
powerful automated data conversion tool for population genetic and genomics programs
a tool for repeated random haplotype sampling