Population Genetics


Research interests

As an anthropological geneticist, I am interested in how the human genetic diversity is impacted by cultural behaviours, migrations and demographic events. During my PhD, I was working on several neutral genetic markers: genome-wide autosomal SNPs, Y chromosomal STRs, mitochondrial HVS1 sequences and haplogroups, in combination with ethnological data, sampled from present-day Inner Asian human populations. Now, at CMPG, my post-doctoral project aims at studying demography, admixture and migration within great apes species and human Neolithic groups, using a coalescent model-based approach.

Curriculum vitae

  • 2018- : Postdoc in CMPG group at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern, SW.
  • 2014-2017: PhD in anthropological genetics with Prof. Evelyne HEYER & Dr. Laure SEGUREL (Evolutive Anthropology Group, CNRS – MNHN, Paris, FR.) on the impact of cultural behaviours on the diversity of human populations from Inner Asia, at the Natural History Museum, Paris, France.
  • 2013-2014: Financed internship in the Evolutive Anthropology Group.
  • 2011-2013: Research Master in Evolution and Biological Sciences at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Lyon, FR.
  • 2010-2011: Bachelor of Sciences in Biology at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Lyon, FR.
  • 2008-2010: Post-secondary preparatory classes in Science for competitive examination (CPGE BCPST), Lycée Thiers, Marseille, FR.
  • 2008: High school diploma in Science, Marseille, FR

Selected publications

Journal articles

  • Excoffier L, Marchi N, Marques DA, Matthey-Doret R, Gouy A & Sousa VC (2021) fastsimcoal2: demographic inference under complex evolutionary scenarios. Bioinformatics 37: 4882-4885 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Marchi N, Schlichta F & Excoffier L (2021) Demographic inference. Current Biology 31: R267–R281 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Marchi N & Excoffier L (2020) Gene flow as a simple cause for an excess of high‐frequency‐derived alleles Evolutionary Applications 13: 2254-2263 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Segurel Laure, Guarino-Vignon Perle, Marchi Nina, Lafosse Sophie, Laurent Romain, Bon Céline, Fabre Alexandre, Hegay Tatyana & Heyer Evelyne (2020) Why and when was lactase persistence selected for? Insights from Central Asian herders and ancient DNA PloS BIOLOGY [Abstract and pdf]
  • de Barros Damgaard Peter, Marchi Nina, Rasmussen Simon, Peyrot Michaël, Renaud Gabriel, Korneliussen Thorfinn, Moreno-Mayar J Víctor, Pedersen Mikkel Winther, Goldberg Amy, Usmanova Emma, Baimukhanov Nurbol & et al. (2018) 137 ancient human genomes from across the Eurasian steppes. Nature 557: 369 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Marchi Nina, Mennecier Philippe, Georges Myriam, Lafosse Sophie, Hegay Tatyana, Dorzhu Choduraa, Chichlo Boris, Ségurel Laure & Heyer Evelyne (2018) Close inbreeding and low genetic diversity in Inner Asian human populations despite geographical exogamy. Scientific reports 8: 9397 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Marchi Nina, Hegay Tatyana, Mennecier Philippe, Georges Myriam, Laurent Romain, Whitten Mark, Endicott Philipp, Aldashev Almaz, Dorzhu Choduraa, Nasyrova Firuza, Chichlo Boris, Ségurel Laure & Heyer Evelyne (2017) Sex‐specific genetic diversity is shaped by cultural factors in Inner Asian human populations American journal of physical anthropology 162: 627-640 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Marchi Nina, Pissard Serge, Cliquennois Manuel, Vasseur Christian, Le Metayer Nathalie, Mereau Claude, Jouet Jean Pierre, Georgel Anne-France, Genin Emmanuelle & Rose Christian (2015) Confirmation of a founder effect in a Northern European population of a new β-globin variant: HBB:c.23_26dup (codons 8/9 (+AGAA)). European Journal of Human Genetics 23: 1158 [Abstract and pdf]
  • Madsen Corrie L, Vilstrup Julia T, Fernández Ruth, Marchi Nina, Håkansson Bo, Krog Mogens, Asferg Tommy, Baagøe Hans & Orlando Ludovic (2015) Mitochondrial Genetic Diversity of Eurasian Red Squirrels ( Sciurus vulgaris ) from Denmark. Journal of Heridity 106: 719-727 [Abstract and pdf]

PhD thesis

  • Marchi N (2017) A la croisée de l‘anthropologie et de la biologie évolutive : diversité génétique et comportements migratoires en Asie intérieure. -. Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, -. [Abstract and pdf]