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STRAF: STR Analysis for Forensics

STRAF is a browser-based application that allows to perform forensics and population genetics analysis of STR data. Click here to access the application.

    Latest news:
  • 30/01/2018: Update: Percentages of explained variance appear now on the PCA plot + style improvements (thanks to Guanglin He for his suggestion)
  • 18/12/2017: Update: a few bugs fixed, and it is now possible to analyse a single locus (thanks to P. Vallone)
  • 20/10/2017: Update: forensics parameters and popgen indices can be computed for each population separately; PCA coordinates and eigenvectors can be downloaded (thanks to P. de Knijff).
  • 22/09/2017: Update: allele frequencies can now be computed and downloaded for each population separately (thanks to Peter Vallone for his suggestion).
  • 13/08/2017: STRAF paper accepted in Forensic Science International: Genetics
  • 02/06/2017: STRAF 1.0 is online!