SIMCOAL is a computer program for the simulation of neutral genetic diversity at partially linked loci under different histories and a wide range of migration and demographic models. It is based on the retrospective coalescent approach (Kingman 1982) that does not simulate the genetic history of the whole population, like in conventional forward simulations, but rather reconstructs the gene genealogy (coalescent history) of samples of genes drawn from different demes in a population. Using this approach, many replicates of haploid samples of DNA sequences, RFLP, or microsatellite data can be simulated very quickly. The authors are Guillaume Laval and Laurent Excoffier.


The web site of the last version (2.1.2) can be found here.
You can still access to the first version (1.0) on this website.


Laval, G. and L. Excoffier (2004) SIMCOAL 2.0: a program to simulate genomic diversity over large recombining regions in a subdivided population with a complex history.  Bioinformatics 20:2485-2487