SPLATCHE (for SPatiaL And Temporal Coalescences in Heterogenous Environment) is a program that allows to incorporate the influence of environment in the simulation of migration of a given species from one origin. In a second phase, the molecular genetic diversity of one or several samples drawn from the simulated species can be generated. The (main) authors are Nicolas Ray, Mathias Currat, Matthieu Foll and Laurent Excoffier.


The web site of the current version of SPLATCHE (version 2.01) can be found here.
The web site of SPLATCHE version 1.1 can be found here.


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  • Ray N, Currat M, Foll M, Excoffier L. (2010) SPLATCHE2: a spatially-explicit simulation framework for complex demography, genetic admixture and recombination. Bioinformatics, Volume 26, Issue 3, Page 2993-2994.